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Shandong Lianmeng Chemical Group Co.,Ltd. invites elites


Shandong Lianmeng(League) Chemical Group Co., Ltd., is a comprehensive large-scale chemical enterprise integrating coal chemical industry, petrochemical industry and bio-chemical industry. It is located in Shouguang City, which has a clean and beautiful environment and the reputation of “China's Vegetable Township” and “National Top 100 Counties”. It is one of the top 100 chemical companies in China, the top 500 in China, and one of the top ten companies in the national fertilizer industry. The company has self-support import and export rights, total assets of more than RMB 9 billion, more than 7,000 employees, covers an area of 3 million square meters and possesses six production companies and five operating companies. The main products and annual production capacity are: 1.8 million tons of synthesis ammonia, 2 million tons of carbamide, 500,000 tons of methanol, 1 million tons of compound fertilizer, 500,000 tons of sulfuric acid, 70,000 tons of potassium sulfate, 120,000 tons of hydrochloric acid, 500,000 tons of glucose, 450,000 tons of sorbitol, 15,000 tons of vitamin C, 300,000 tons of corn starch and 1.6 million tons of crude oil processing capacity. The registered trademark “Lianmeng” is a well-known trademark, and the Lianmeng brand carbamide and compound fertilizer products are national inspection-free products and Shandong famous brand products. In 2018, the company expects to realize sales income of RMB 16 billion, profit and tax of 1.36 billion, and profit of 800 million. With the development of the company, a large number of talents are wanted. Therefore, adhering to the tenet of “developing the enterprise, creating wealth, making employees rich and contributing to the society”, we sincerely welcome well-educated elites who are professionally and morally qualified, healthy and dedicated and identify with our corporate culture. In 2019 we plan to recruit:

I. 5 employees in 4 majors with Master's degree or above to be engaged in research and development. among them:

1. Polymer Materials and Engineering (1 person) 2. Industrial Catalysis (Catalytic Engineering) (1 person)

3. Chemical analysis (1 person) 4. Chemical engineering and technology (fine and organic chemical synthesis) (2 persons)

II. 150 employees in 26 majors with the undergraduate degree to be engaged in technical work or for talent reserve. among them:

1. Chemical Engineering and Technology (30 persons)  2. Chemical Anti-Corrosion (2 persons)

3. Petroleum Engineering (6 persons)  4. Oil and Gas Storage and Transportation (5 persons)

5. Fermentation Engineering (10 persons) 6. Pharmaceutical Engineering (10 persons)

7. Thermal Energy and Power Engineering (7 persons) 8. Power Engineering and Management (1 person)

9. Marine Engineering (2 persons) 10. Electrical Engineering and Automation (4 persons)

11. Instrumentation (11 people) 12. Process Equipment and Control Engineering (7 people)

13. Mechanical Design, Manufacturing and Automation (2 persons) 14. Welding Technology and Engineering (2 persons)

15. Civil Engineering (7 persons) 16. Project Cost (1 person)

17. International Economy and Trade (9 persons) 18. Marketing (12 persons)

19. Safety Engineering (3 persons) 20. Logistics Management (7 persons)

21. English (2 persons)  22. Accounting (2 persons)

23. Financial Management (2 persons) 24. Clinical Medicine (3 persons)

25. Medical Examination (1 person) 26. Medical Imaging (2 persons)

About the salary and benefits:

After three months of probationary period, the competent will be equally paid as those at the same position, enjoying five social insurances and one housing fund according to national policies, and education subsidies, year-end bonuses, holiday benefits, paid vacations and two-day weekends, free food, accommodation, transportation and training and other treatments.

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Company Address: Building 27, Dongcheng Business District, Shouguang City     Contact Department: Human Resources Department of Lianmeng Chemical Group