Company culture


Company culture

Shandong Lianmeng Chemical Group Co., Ltd. Has begun to build its own corporate culture system since its inception. Along with the development of its material civilization, it has adhered to the excellent traditional culture of the Chinese nation and combined it with the practice of the enterprise, insisting on taking "people-oriented" as the center and core of the corporate culture, thereby gradually determining its orientation and developing in exploration the Lianmeng culture with distinctive characteristics that adapts to the new era.

    I. The tenet of "Lianmeng": to develop the enterprise, create wealth, enrich the employees, and contribute to the society

    II. The spirit of "Lianmeng": valuing morality, dedication, pragmatism, innovation, integrity, tolerance

    III. Moral norms for the "Lianmeng" staff:

        1. Behavior norms: self-esteem, self-respect, self-love, self-reliance

        2. Code of Conduct:

            (1). Love the country, love Lianmeng, love the job, with professional dedication;

            (2) Learn culture, learn business, respect science, striving for first-class;

            (3). Be polite, united and clear about what to love and hate, obeying the law and rules;

            (4) Respect teachers, love the young and old, help the disabled, happy to help others;

            (5) Work on greening, hygiene and water conservation, beautifying the environment;

            (6) Transform social customs, value sound child rearing and diligence, jointly building civilization.

    IV. Ten concepts of "Lianmeng":

        1. The core concept:“The interests of society, enterprises and employees are consistent”;

        2. Industrial concept: “Run excellent products with excellent character”;

        3. Enterprising concept: “pursue improvement with continuous efforts”;

        4. Innovation concept: “we will fall behind tomorrow if we do not innovate today”; “We will be eliminated the day after tomorrow f we do not innovate tomorrow”;

        5. Crisis concept: “Those who do not work hard today will work hard to find a job tomorrow”;

        6. Family concept: “Lianmeng is our home and its prosperity relies on everyone”;

        7. Dedication concept: “Lianmeng creates a happy life”; “I work hard for Lianmeng”;

        8. Employment concept: “We operate both the enterprise and the employees; let the employees grow up with the enterprise”;

        9. Learning concept: “lifelong learning, team learning”;

        10. Safety concept: “Be safe, understand safety and manage safety”.

    V. "Lianmeng" Discipline: Those who enter the factory gate should give up all autonomy.

    VI. “Lianmeng” Lifeline: Environmental Protection, Product Quality, Production Safety

    VII. Organizations and Facilities: The Group has four teams and one troupe for employees’ recreation and sports (basketball team, badminton team, table tennis team, chess team, art troupe), and organizes more than 50 art competitions and entertainment activities throughout the year. It has well-equipped staff clubs, auditorium and four hard-court courts. More than 5,000 employees participate in the activities all the year round, and have won many awards in provincial and municipal events.