Sales network



After years of marketing system construction, we have built a highly efficient product marketing network. In the complex and volatile market competition environment, the revitalized sales team always pays attention to the development direction of the industry and changes in customer demand, firmly grasps the pulse of the market, abides by advanced production equipment, perfect testing methods, and modern scientific management. The continuous improvement of the overall quality of all staff, to provide customers with a solemn commitment to quality, efficiency, and integrity services, and establish long-term strategic partnership with major domestic application customers, strengthen the depth of cooperation and service scope, and gain the trust of customers. and support.

In recent years, we have actively explored domestic and foreign markets, and our product sales have been continuously improved, and we have maintained good high-speed growth. At present, our sales network covers more than 20 provinces and cities across the country, and many foreign countries and regions.

Keep improving and keep making progress

Sales network